Miami Performance International Festival is an Edge Zones Event

JUNE 22- 23, 2018

Miami, FL

June 22-23, 2018

Chief Curators: Charo Oquet


The 7th Edition of “Miami Performance Festival International ’18”  (M/P ’18)  will take place from June 22-23, 2018.   M/P ’18  will be staged at Edge Zones space in Allapattah Miami and at Lummus Park, South Beach with  different countries represented and a host of local talent .  The festival will show a variety of works and will encourage viewers to investigate performance art, spoken word poetry and Noise artistic influence and contributions to our visual and sound culture and will provide the viewer with a unique performance and sound experience beyond the realm of traditional art. A 2-days long interdisciplinary complex multileveled platform which will include videos of performances, live performances, noise, experimental sound art audience participation, publications, artist talks and visual art exhibitions, demonstrates the commitment by Edge Zones to the professional development of South Florida artists in national and international forum.

M/P ’18 is a stage for both young and emerging artists, curators, critics, and scholars to present their latest work. This world-class performing arts festival will provide the opportunity for our live audience of approximately 6,000 to engage deeply with the ideas emerging from these provocative works.

Miami Performance International Festival (M/P’18) seeks to continue to expand and provide a platform for South Florida-based performance and sound artists to create new work in Miami. This “challenge”, also bringing professionals together for the sake of a common goal: pushing the boundaries of their practice and making that same work accessible to a wider audience.

About Edge Zones 


Edge Zones has a 15-year history of supporting artistic practices in the public domain.  EZ produces events located specifically and contextually in Miami and the Caribbean region through participatory processes.  With Miami Performance International Festival, EZ will seek to establish a new network of public engagement in Miami and Miami Beach.

EZ is a platform for cultural production, artists and volunteer-run contemporary arts non-profit dedicated to the research, conceptualization and execution of events that strengthen the contemporary art environment in Miami. EZ seeks to make contemporary art accessible, to engage audiences and to create a focal point for international research and awareness.  


Support by:

The principal sponsors for the Miami Performance International Festival ’18 are: Edge Zones Project, Florida, USA, Miami Dade County-Cultural Affairs Council, Florida State Cultural Affairs Council and Peroni Beer.


EDGE ZONES ART GALLERY  - 3317 NW 7th Ave. Circle, Miami, FL 33127 (Allapattah) | LUMMUS PARK MIAMI BEACH   - Ocean and 3rd.

Participating Artists:
Performance:  Roxana Barba, Liony Garcia, Alex Joseph Lough, Carlos Dominguez and FIU FLEA (MIA) | MuuBlanco & MarialeCelimén (MuuMaa) MIA | Rafael Vargas Bernard (Puerto Rico/Miami)| Lorene Bouboushian (NY) | Randy Burman (MIA)   Elvin Diaz (Dominican Republic)  |  Juraj Kojs (MIA) | Charo Oquet (MIA) | David Rohn (MIA) |Spoken Word: Thais Espaillat (Dominican Republic),  Gaudy Mercí (Dominican Republic)  Noise:  | Jenna Balfe (MIA) | BORRI (MIA)| Calnepuelco (Puerto Rico/Miami) | Dean Anthony Cercone (NY) |  Fsik Huvnx (MIA) |  Bobb Hart (Ohio) | Human Fluid Rot (Broward) |  Inhishead (MIA) | Karoshi (MIA)| Alina Labour (Dominican Republic) | Male Model (MIA) | Pocket of Lollipops (MIA) |Chris Rey | UOM  (MIA) | Richard Vergez (MIA) |

Free Admission